Get the worm and much more

Image by Engin_Akyurt from Pixabay

If you thought early birds only get up at sunrise so they can remind you of how healthy they are, then think again.

Although this may be true, early risers get an advantage over sleepy heads in more ways than bragging rights.

We’ve been told countless times that to be remotely successful we should bound out of bed by 6:00 at the latest.

Some take it to unlikely extremes such as Mark Wahlberg who claims to rise at 2:30 in order to exercise, pray and recover in a cryochamber.

What, no cryochamber? For shame.

It’s important to note that early rising may not be for all. It may not fit in with your schedule or even your basic biological makeup.

However, if you feel you can go to bed earlier and change things up then it could be worth a try.

Staggering home at dawn from a night out unfortunately doesn’t count.

Set your alarm, stock up on some decent coffee and start reaping the benefits.

Sounds of silence.

Getting up early allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning. This is your chance to gather your thoughts and focus on the day ahead.

Whether it’s preparing for the working day, planning upcoming events or simply giving yourself time to think, the early morning is a great distraction-free opportunity for mental refreshment.

By using this time to mentally reset and prepare you’ll be sharper and fresher in your daily tasks and interactions.

Early to rise, early to sweat

You’ve seen people walking, jogging or headed to gyms in the early hours and thought, “Good for them!” or maybe “Why?”

However the plusses for getting into a basic morning exercise routine are too good to ignore.

They can include:

  • Improved mood – you feel more energized and are pleased that you’ve already completed a major daily goal
  • Better energy throughout the day due to a stronger overall cardiovascular system.
  • Better workouts. You can avoid extreme weather or crowded gyms and streets.
  • A general feeling of superiority towards those who didn’t.

Morning exercise doesn’t have to be a half marathon. It can be one of several walks throughout the day or even some stretching.

In fact, we dare you. Start with some basic stretches as you watch the morning news and notice the difference.

Be selfish.

Just an extra hour that you mightn’t have later in the day is your time.

The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps there’s a side business you’re interested in. Now’s the time to work on it.

Or that manuscript idea you feel like chipping away at. Reading, practicing the keyboard, learning the Armenian alphabet, checking your kids’ homework, finishing your kids’ homework or whatever you feel like, basically.

Good night, every night.

Getting up early allows your body to develop a healthy sleeping pattern. You’ll be naturally ready for bed from 10:30 onwards which guarantees a solid sleep until you get up and do it all over again.

Whatever you were inclined to force yourself to do late at night can most likely be done much better in the morning, fresh and well-rested.

Going to sleep when you’re ready to and waking up fresh can take some time to get used to but when your body clock can adapt the routine of regular, solid sleep is a beautiful thing.

Sleep well, eat well

By getting up earlier in the day you get the benefits of eating a well-prepared breakfast.

Sleeping late can lead to rushed mornings which in turn can lead to a grab-anything-I-can breakfast.

If you’re a fan of taking lunch from home then early rising also gives you time to make a decent and delicious lunch.

That might not sound as fun as other things you can get up to at sunrise but you’ll thank yourself later. While others are crowding to buy their lunch from wherever, you’ll be peacefully eating your masterpiece.

Not only are you well fueled for the day but you’re saving money and avoiding a rush.

There are no downsides to this people.

As we said, getting up early (or earlier) might not be for everyone nor  might it be possible.

However if you think you can swing it, then set the alarm.

Make mornings your new best friend.

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