Let’s go nuts

Oh my goodness – a daily dose of nuts makes a lot of sense

Image by Usman Yousaf from Pixabay

If you haven’t already included nuts into your daily munching time then it’s high time you did.

Nuts are not only full of nutrition but are also a handy protein source and can even help to lower, yes lower your cholesterol. Thanks to their good fat content.

Let’s clear this up right now – yes, nuts are high in fat. However they’re largely high in unsaturated fats which are the good kind. The kind that can help to lower cholesterol.

They’re a top notch snack option as they can fill you as well as supplying energy.

Plus you only need a handful or so per day to reap the rewards.

Let’s look at the best nuts you can eat and their benefits.


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

One of the heavyweights in the healthy nut world, almonds are too good to ignore.

They’re full of fiber, which as we all know is crucial in helping prevent heart disease, bowel cancer, strokes and keeping us nice and regular.

Almonds also have plenty of magnesium. Great, you nod, but thinking why is that important again? Magnesium builds bone strength and is crucial in helping our nerves and muscles to function.

There’s more, much more. Almonds are a great source of Vitamin E – an excellent antioxidant. Antioxidants are those little troopers that work hard to decrease cell damage (think preventing cancer, strokes and the like).

As if that wasn’t enough, almonds provide a handy protein fix. A measly 20 or so of them has about 6g of protein – the same as an egg.

If your house doesn’t have any almonds at the moment, stop reading this, go out and get some, then resume reading.

Macadamia nuts

Image by sunnysun0804 from Pixabay

Also high in fiber and a reliable protein source. Macadamia nuts are slightly higher than other nuts in overall fats, most of this being the good stuff – monounsaturated fat. This plays a major role in helping to reduce cholesterol in the body for which our hearts are eternally grateful.

And show me a person who doesn’t love saying “Maca-DA-mia”?


Photo by Candid Shots from Pexels

If you’re struggling to comprehend a tax form, your child’s math homework or some stupid self-assemble furniture instructions then walnuts are the nut for you.

Walnuts tick all the usual boxes but also boast a high amount of Omega – 3 acids which play a big part in how our brains and nervous systems function.

Omega – 3 enhances cognitive performance and can also help to improve moods and lower depression. Which can be real helpful when trying to self-assemble furniture with allegedly helpful instructions.


Photo by Jonas Svidras from Pexels

Hazelnuts have a little bit of everything that’s good for you. Fiber, healthy fats, protein, Vitamin E (antixoxidants)  – all part of the package.

Research has shown they can also play an important role in helping to reduce blood pressure if gobbled regularly.


Photo by Dan – Cristian Paduret on Unsplash

Technically, peanuts are actually a legume (legumes include chickpeas, beans and lentils) but they clearly long to switch over to the nut side so welcome aboard, peanuts.

They’re renowned for their high fat content but again – mostly the good fats. Reduction in bad fats / cholesterol…check.

Ridiculously good protein source. A decent handful of peanuts gives you close to 10g of protein, almost a quarter of your daily needs! Big check.

As per other nuts, peanuts are rich in magnesium (cell and muscle maintenance), fiber and of course – Vitamin E / antioxidants.


Photo by Maja Vujic on Unsplash

Another outstanding source of, well – everything. Cashews are often maligned for their “high fat content” and yes, you guessed it – mostly GOOD fats!

Not to mention cashews can boast about providing plenty of protein and antioxidants.

If you were to eat roasted, salted cashews (or any other nut) then the saturated (bad fat) content would of course be higher. Wolfing them down plain, as nature intended is a very healthy snack option.

The only question is – which nuts should you be eating?

Easy answer is all of them. You can buy mixed nuts ready to go or better yet, make your own combinations. One healthy handful a day will give you all the goodness you need or if you like, break it down into two modest handfuls.

Go nuts.

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