Thank God It’s Monday ! Low stress jobs mean a higher quality life. Obviously.

You don’t have to be a wine taster in a Barossa Valley vineyard to have a low stress job. There are plenty of options out there. With absolutely no disrespect to the wine tasters out there.

The Sunday night anxiety hits you in the stomach around 6pm. The weekend joys are already becoming a distant memory and the dreaded Monday meeting with that idiot from wherever is rearing its ugly head.

Reach for the red wine – ah, that’s better, no it isn’t. Sigh.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Believe it or not, not all jobs are stressful. Or more accurately, there are plenty of jobs out there that are generally lower on the stress levels than others. Some people actually enjoy going to work.

And we’re not comparing someone tasting wine quality in a Californian vineyard to an emergency room bullet wound surgeon. These are careers that you can stick with, provide considerable satisfaction and drum roll…they come with a decent salary.

In some cases very decent.

So lie down, pour yourself a cup of green tea, pop on some bamboo pipe music and browse through the list.


Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

No surprises here when you think about it, although it’s surprising how few people think of florists when they think of low stress occupations. If you like flowers this is an especially good career choice.

Firstly, the work environment is obviously ideal. Tranquil and surrounded by the sights and scents from the gifts of nature. Perhaps some Japanese harp music drifting across the store, subtly encouraging customers to stay longer and spend more.

Creatively, the sky’s the limit. You’re paid to design and create arrangements so don’t hold back. You can stand and sit as you like, getting up now and then to prune and sort out arrangements.

Customers are most likely going to be in high spirits as buying flowers makes people feel good. Unless it’s for a funeral although depending on the deceased the customer may still be in high spirits, on the inside of course.

Financially, you’re probably better off eventually going into business for yourself, although you might be too relaxed to bother.

Possible downsides:

Er…pollen allergies?


Image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Let’s be clear from the get go– this does take some study time. Bachelor degree then dental school so unless you’re under 25 this is a career you’d recommend to your kids, a stranger’s kids or anyone cashed up who’s really into teeth with nothing else to do.

Being an orthodontist isn’t the sexiest job going around, granted, but they don’t care. They’re too low on stress to worry and they can be as sexy as they like after hours.

There are plenty of reasons for orthodontists liking what they do.

Firstly their workplace is peaceful and they work regular hours. Big tick.

The actual work involved in largely with children and teenagers requiring corrective treatment (sounds so much better than “surgery”) which results in patient satisfaction.

Happy customer, happy worker.

Unlike dentists who often have to inform patients they’ll be needing painful and pricey “procedures”. An unpleasant term – up there, or down there with colonoscopy.

“With the help of my trusty scalpels, drills and mallets we’ll eventually have that root canal taken care of. Eventually. How much? Well…”

Best of all are the financial rewards. Orthodontists typically earn 6 figure incomes which are known to be stress-reducing.

Possible downsides:

Some long periods of standing, but that’s what carpet and rubber soles are for.

Maybe having to make small talk with adolescents but staples such as “Who do you despise most in this world and why?” usually do the trick.

Web developer

Image by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Maybe not as obvious but there are plenty of reasons for web developers having a pretty darn good time of it at work.

Pleasant work environment with a distinct lack of clanging machinery, hollering or hazardous fumes.

Web developers clock in for normal hours and they’re often able to work away from the office – at home, a park or on a hammock.

The salaries are more than reasonable plus the learning time to get qualified is usually around 2 years, tops. No working 3 jobs to bay exorbitant university fees here.

Web developers can apply their skills, analytical thinking and creativity at work which is highly gratifying.

We might look at someone sitting on a production line checking boxes of tissues for damage and think “Well that’s got to be low stress”. The reality is that repetitive work requiring zero imagination can be as stressful as working in the flight control tower at Heathrow.

Plus, the prospects for web developers are good with the demand for their skills projected to grow by at least 8% over the next 10 years.,

Possible downsides:

Being labelled a “geek” or “nerd” by others – usually by green-eyed fools working themselves to death.

Eye strain due to looking at screens all day but these days even unsupervised (or supervised) 3 year olds gaze at screens all day. Whatever, no biggie.


Image by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

There are two ways to look at bartending. There’s the “I can’t think of anything worse than being surrounded by drunken idiots” mindset. Then there’s the more employable “Wow – being surrounded by lovable drunks must be a blast” outlook.

The truth is somewhere in between but if you can chat to most people and are quick on your feet then bartending can be a pretty cushy gig.

On the whole, your workplace is full of people enjoying themselves and you’re the vital link. The power! You simply give them what they want. Of course, if you give them too much of what they want they might end up unconscious under the pool table, but that’s not your problem.

The essential skills of pouring a beer and making basic cocktails can literally be learned in a matter of hours.

You can prove your diligence by conjuring up your own cocktails, preferably after work. Tasting them, refining them, tasting them again. Sipping the spoils of 18 experimental martinis is a great way to reduce stress.

From there it’s up to you – good cocktail bartenders can get great gigs at hotels, resorts and swanky bars. Depending on where you are the money can be decent. In countries such as Australia and the UK bar staff earn on average higher wages than the retail sector. In North America the wages aren’t as lucrative but tips can certainly make up for it.

Possible downsides:

You’re on your feet all the time but just think of 19th century kids in the Industrial Revolution pulling 18 hour shifts in textile factories. There – not so bad, really.

Dealing with belligerent or annoying customers, although that’s simply a matter of beckoning to the bar’s 130kg juijitsu – loving security staff with the get this pest out of here gesture. Problem solved.

These are just a taste of some of the options out there. Plenty more to come.

If you’re already employed in one of these jobs then we’re preaching to the choir.

If not and you feel your recent road rage is linked to your work then remember – the grass probably is greener.

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  1. Some of us will find any job stressful, even being retired, if that can be categorised as employment. Some will always believe that the grass is greener…. Food for thought though.

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